Thursday, March 1, 2012

Code Crumbs 2: too obvious to be true?

I think (hope?) I'm not the only one who actually noticed the difference between the back of A&G cards between 2010 and 2011: below are the backs of the Nick Swisher base cards for 2010 (top) and 2011 (bottom), courtesy of


Seen it? Yep, the order of the stats has changed!! I even looked back to the 2006 issue of A&G, and they remained in the same order, till last year. Except for Games Played and Batting Average, the stats lines in between have been shuffled. And, you guessed it, that's 10 stats lines total.

Why is that important? Well, that is when the psychotic side of any codebreaker might show: what if they did this on purpose? Come on, 10 stats lines for 10 clock times? That has to be it!! You could think the clock times are individual stats (true story: you can indeed find players with career stats matching the clock times; whoever finds them all wins an autographed promo card by the 2011 Codebreaker himself), you would then need to re-order the clock times based on the old way of listing the stats, and then maybe that leads to reading the player names in a specific order...

Long story short, this was a dead end. Mainly because for some clock times/career stats, there were more than one possibility. I quickly gave up on the idea. And by quickly, I mean after 3 weeks of course.

Next Code Crumbs: what happens when you take a clue too seriously.

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